Integrative Boutique Coworking in the heart of Barcelona city centre

from Monday to Friday
from 9 am to 6 pm

    a Boutique Coworking

    Coworking space with the Unicity Garden label

    House Collective 1212, Integrative Boutique Coworking with Unicity Garden label, is the pilot coworking space of the Unicity Garden concept applied to coworking in Barcelona city centre at Diagonal, Balmes street level.



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    Our values

    Total personal fulfillment beyond business


    Unicity is part of our life, it is on our scale and can be understood in every step.
    The magic of our awakening is that we will finally be able to enjoy our life instead of facing it or suffering it. The transformation will then be a support that will change our existence, our homes, and our relationship with the world and with others so that every day is a celebration.

    Let our lives be bathed in the enjoyment of existence.

    Search for meaning and purpose

    What is universal in meaning and purpose is the need for meaning, and finding your purpose is what allows you to be fully yourself.

    Pioneering spirit

    We embrace change, but also our own doubts and fears. We open and clear the way for you

    Join us

    If you wish to join us at House Collective 1212, we are at your disposal from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm, to show you around our facilities and explain the range of services provided.

    From 22€ /day


    Daily Pass

    Ideal for: temporary office needs, travelers, freelancers.

    From 88€ /week


    Weekly subscription

    Ideal for: temporary office needs, travelers, freelancers, discovery

    *subject to reservation and availability of the room.

    From 199€ /month


    Monthly subscription

    Ideal for: freelancers, entrepreneurs and frequent travelers.

    *subject to reservation and availability of the room.

    The activities

    We offer a set of activities at our House Collective’s on our facilities.

    Check out our activities calendar or our social networks to make sure you don’t miss any of our upcoming events.

    The activities are open to everyone, whether you are a member of House collective 1212 or not.